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Gracious Father, in Jesus's mighty name I pray, thanking You for the light of Your Word. I admit my total dependency upon You. Shine Your light on me. If there is any form of deception in my life, I ask Your Spirit to send conviction, revelation, discernment, and freedom. Help me to respond well to You and to extend Your grace to my family and ... The next step towards the Plenary Council is the listening and discernment phase, where the country is asked to delve deeper into what has been said during the earlier listening and dialogue phase. In this short video, Br Ian Cribb SJ, Sr Grace Roclawska CSFN and Fr Ormond Rush offer some general principles around the idea of Christian discernment: In Discernment of Spirits in Marriage, Fr. Gallagher aims to free you from discouragement and assist you in finding peace in your spiritual life and in your marriage. He will help you determine what is of God and what is not and will show you how the enemy works to discourage you in your daily spousal interactions in order to undermine both ... Pray for more desire for holiness, and remember that your desire for sanctity — closeness to God — should far outweigh all of your other desires. You will be told by a million different sources that a good marriage is all about communication, and all marital problems basically boil down to insufficient communication. That is not true.